Thursday, July 22, 2021

God's protection will save His true children. ( Blessed Elder Ephraim of Arizona )

 My blessed children. Rejoice and be well. Sorry to bother you again with my illiteracy and unworthiness.

Do not be shaken of the events of this present life. The struggle will continue with a variety of bad events in humanity in general. Our sins are great. 

What we sow we shall reap. Fight with faith and courage in the Lord Jesus. Do not despair. The struggle will be hard and dangerous. 

God's protection will save His true children. 

God's people will be covered with God's holy angels. Stay faithful to our Orthodox Church.

For this I beseech you, that He may grant you His most gracious name, which fills our dead hearts with Heavenly Life and Peace. 

Persistently call out to God by crying out for help. Our heavenly Father very much wants this annoyance because He is all ready to visit us, and give us His Golden Heart and unite it with our sinful one.

Blessed Elder Ephraim of Arizona