Friday, October 16, 2015

Η μετάνοια αναδημιουργεί τον άνθρωπον.. ( ΓέρονταςΕφραίμ Φιλοθεΐτης )

Το να πέσωμεν και να τραυματισθώμεν, τούτο έξεστι τοις ανθρώποις, εφ’ όσον και αν μία ημέρα εστίν η ζωή του ανθρώπου επί της γης, έγκειται η διάνοια αυτού επί τα πονηρά εκ γεννήσεως αυτού, αλλά το να πέσωμεν και να μείνωμεν εν τω πτώματι, τούτο ουχί ανθρώπινον. Η μετάνοια αναδημιουργεί τον άνθρωπον, αύτη εδόθη, ίνα θεραπεύη την ψυχήν μετά το βάπτισμα, και εάν αύτη έλειπεν, σπανίως θα εσώζετο άνθρωπος. Δια τούτο η αρετή της μετανοίας δεν έχει τέλος εφ’ όσον υπάρχει πνοή ζωής εν τω ανθρώπω, διότι έξεστι και τοις τελείοις να σφάλλουν. Τέκνα μου, οσάκις ίδητε τον λογισμόν να σας ελέγχη δι’ αμαρτίαν τινά, αμέσως πάρετε το φάρμακον, μετανοήσατε, κλαύσατε, εξομολογηθήτε, και ιδού επανέρχεσθε εις την προτέραν και καλυτέραν κατάστασιν.

ΓέρονταςΕφραίμ Φιλοθεΐτης

We must maintain a humble mindset

Above all, we should maintain a humble mindset. We must believe  that everything we accomplish is due to God’s help.
“What do you have that you did not receive? Now if you did indeed receive it, why do you boast as if you had not received it?”(1 Cor. 4:7) . Whatever we have, we have received it all from God.
Did you assist someone with your own hands? Very well. Didn’t God give you your hands? Did you say a good word with your mouth? Did you
save someone with your good advice? Do not boast! God gave you both your mouth and the ability to speak. Did you use your feet to run and serve others? Well, they also belong to God. Did you praise God with your heart, with your inner voice, and with your inherent logic? Did you have good thoughts about God and your neighbor? Again, the heart and mind are also God’s. Did you
perhaps even desire to be born? No! It was God Who brought you into existence. Since everything is a gift from God and all things must serve Him, then what can you possibly offer to God?
This is why Christ said to His disciples, “When you have done all that you were ordered to do, you must know that you are simple and worthless slaves”(cf. Lk. 17:10).
“I give to you [says Christ], and then you give to others. If I had not given to you, you would have nothing to give. You did not conceal the gift, but you transmitted it and multiplied it.
”Hence, what is rewarded is the desire to perform virtue, as in the parable of the talents (vid. Mt. 25:15-28). 

Elder Ephraim of Arizona 
from the book 
The Art of Salvation