Monday, April 11, 2016

« Όπου εύρω σε, εκεί και κρινώ σε». ( Γέροντας Εφραίμ Φιλοθεΐτης )

« Όπου εύρω σε, εκεί και κρινώ σε». Να η αξία της στιγμής, σε εύρεν εν μετανοία; Σε έφθασεν εν εξομολογήσει; Σε επρόφθασε με το « ήμαρτον, Πάτερ, εις τον ουρανόν και ενώπιόν σου»; ( Λουκ. 15,18 ). Σε προσήγγισεν με το δάκρυ της γνησίας μετανοίας και αυτομεμψίας; Ιδού εις μίαν στιγμήν χρόνου σε κρίνει ο Θεός καθώς ελάλησεν, « πιστός ο Κύριος εν τοις λόγοις Αυτού» ( Ψαλμ. 144.13 ). Εάν εις το ανάπαλιν σε εύρη, ω άνθρωπε, τότε θα ανοιχθούν τα μάτια της ψυχής και θα ίδης τι εζημιώθης, αλλά τι το όφελος! Άμα κρίνη ο Θεός τον άνθρωπον, τότε περιττή η μετάνοια. Όταν τελειώση η πανήγυρις, περιττά τα πολλά λόγια, το παν ετελείωσε! Ω, τι μέγα μυστήριον τούτο! Ω Θεέ μου, γλυκέ μου Ιησού, άνοιξόν μοι τα όμματα της ψυχής μου, ίνα ίδω καθαρώτατα τούτο το μέγα μυστήριον της αιωνίου σωτηρίας μου, ίνα ετοιμάσω εφόδια δια της χάριτός Σου βοηθούμενος, ίνα μη εν τω τέλει του βίου μου μεταμεληθώ χωρίς όφελος. Ως βλέπεις, τίποτε απολύτως δεν κάμνω, αλλά όλος λελέπρωμαι από πάθη, δώρησέ μου δάκρυα και μετάνοιαν ολόκληρον, προτού να έλθη η εσχάτη ώρα, καθ’ ην θα ακούσω την φωνήν Σου: « Ετοίμασον τα περί του οίκου σου, αποθνήσκεις και ου ζήσεις».

Γέροντας Εφραίμ Φιλοθεΐτης

Why are you sorrowful and glum while walking along the way of God?

 Why are you sorrowful and glum while walking along the way of God? Those who have forgotten God, who have no hope in the living and eternal fountain of God, should grieve. But we, who believe in the living God and whose hopes depend upon Him, ought to rejoice that we have such a Father in the heavens, Who loves us more than all fathers and mothers and Who takes infinite care to render us worthy of Him. But, you say, we fall every moment! Yes, I do not deny it—but we know that our nature is from clay and that it desires the earth and seeks what is base, for “the mind of man is inclined to evil from his youth.” (cf. Gen. 8:21 ). And we see within us a law which seeks to capture our free will, to subjugate it and render it a slave of sin. (cf. Rom. 7:23 ). In all this, however, our good intention triumphs. God has given us spiritual weapons to fight against every satanic attack: the glorious banner of the cross of hope—living hope in Him Who said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (cf. Heb. 13:5 )—hope in our Christ, who was hanged on the Cross, and all who look upon Him and hope in Him will not be put to shame. The all-immaculate Blood which was poured out on the Cross pardoned the sins of mankind and poured forth life. “Blessed is the man who hopes in Him.” (cf. Ps. 33:8 ).
Take courage, my child; this grief of yours will turn into joy. This grief produces great good for you; it surrounds you as with a breastplate of iron, so that the evil darts of attachment to earthly things do not tear your mind away from the concern for heavenly things and for your immortal soul. Grief will succeed joy, and joy, grief, just as night follows day. This is how the Father of lights has established the path of those who are being saved. Just have patience and hope: engrave these in the depths of your heart—with these, all adversities will be faced. Cling to our sweet Jesus; cry out to Him in your afflictions. Entrust to Him the care of grievous things and He will do good to you, as to Hannah, the mother of the Prophet Samuel, who out of extreme grief because of her barrenness, fell down before the Lord and poured out her soul as if beside herself. And her petition did not fail. [vid. 1 Kings (1 Sam. ) 1:1-18 ]. Who ever hoped in God and was put to shame? Of course, this does not mean blameworthy hope but active hope—that is, hope along with spiritual works according to our strength; otherwise, it is not hope but mockery. Save us from such deceitful hope, O God.

Elder Ephraim of Arizona