Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Fear nothing when you have Christ within you ( Elder Ephraim of Arizona )

When Christ lives within you, fear nothing.
 In order for Christ to live within you, much humility is needed. Mentally fall at His immaculate feet and weep, saying: 
“My Jesus, Thou alone art left for me in this humble life of mine as light and life. Show me Thy spiritual beauty, so that I may be filled with divine love and run after Thy myrrh and cry out, ‘My soul has cleaved to Thee, Thy right hand has helped me.’ Oh, my Jesus, when shall I come and appear before Thy face? 
When, O light of my soul, shall I see Thee and be filled and say, ‘Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!’”

Yes, my child, love humility above all, and then you will obtain Jesus, Who is lowly in heart, as an everlasting possession in your soul. Inhale Jesus; exhale Jesus, and then you will know what Jesus is!

Christ commanded that we forgive our enemies seventy time seven every day. How much more so does He forgive, He Who is the Abyss of forgiveness! If you were able to count the drops of rain and the grains of sand, you would be able to measure only a small part of the infinite compassion of the infinite God.

Elder Ephraim of Arizona