Saturday, May 23, 2015

Do not grow tired of crying out to Christ

We are disciplined that we may become worthy of the heavens. The heavenly Father disciplines us in every way in order to form a spiritual character within us, so that we may resemble our heavenly Father as His children. 

We must nurture in ourselves characteristics with clearly reflect that we are legitimate sons of God. Let us be distinguished in patience, in meekness, in love, in brotherly affection, and so forth—characteristics of God’s children, who are about to inherit, along with Christ, the boundless spiritual riches of the heavenly Father. Be courageous, my child, in the struggle; through many tribulations we shall ascend to heaven. 

The path of our salvation is strewn with thorns, and we shall have pain and shed blood; but be patient. The blessed hour will come when all the pain and blood will inscribe our names in the book of life! Then we shall bless God, Who with unfathomable wisdom devised pain and affliction as a means of great salvation. 

Do not grow tired of crying out to Christ, if you want your mouth to be sanctified. As for the temptations which you see in your sleep, do not think about them, but disregard them, for they themselves do not have any substance. When you disregard them, they will not bother you.

Elder Ephraim of Arizona

Counsels from the Holy Mountain Chapter Two
On Afflictions, Pain, and Labors