Saturday, June 13, 2015

Την υγείαν σου να την αναθέτης εις τον Θεόν

Την υγείαν σου να την αναθέτης εις τον Θεόν. 
Εάν κάτι το επιβάλλη η ασθένεια ή ο ιατρός, να το παίρνης με την ελπίδα ότι ο Θεός δι’ αυτών θα συντελέση να γίνη εκείνο, που θέλει Αυτός να γίνη, χωρίς βέβαια η αυταπάρνησις να μας οδηγήση εις την αυτοκτονίαν, ούτε η περιποίησις εις την φιλαυτίαν, αλλά την μέσην οδόν να βαδίσωμεν, δηλαδή να κάμνωμεν το επιβαλλόμενον με πίστιν, δια να μη μας λογισθή αυτοκτονία. 
Το αν θα γίνω καλά με το μέσον που μεταχειρίσθηκα, αυτό το αφήνω με πίστιν εις τον Θεόν. Έχε, παιδί μου, υπομονήν εις όλα σου τα παθήματα. 
Η ασθένεια, όταν την υπομένωμεν, έχει πάρα πολύ το κέρδος εις την ψυχήν, αρκεί να κατηγορής τον εαυτόν σου, διότι κυρίως δια τας αμαρτίας μας υποφέρομεν και κατά το πλείστον δια την υπερηφάνειαν της καρδίας μας.

Γέροντας Εφραίμ της Αριζόνας

Πατρικαι Νουθεσίαι.
B΄ Περί Ασθενειών

Repentance is endless.

Repentance is endless. All the virtues, by the grace of God, may be perfected by man, but no one can perfect repentance, since we need repentance until our last breath, for we err in the twinkling of an eye. Therefore, repentance is interminable. Oh, how good God is! Justly will my fellow sinners be punished, for they have ignored the infinite compassion of the heavenly Father. Although we err as humans, we are sluggish to say, “I have sinned!” But how can we say this, since we (and I, above all ) are forgetful and lazy and proud, too—mighty obstacles on the road to humility! 

Christ showed this road to us through His Cross, but unfortunately we voluntarily turn a deaf ear to Him, to our great regret. Time flies, the years roll by, and we are drawing nearer and nearer to eternity. We see this, yet a mental numbness has bound us until we (and I, first ) are thrown into hell! My God, Who has delivered the human race from the enemy’s slavery, deliver us also from the future condemnation when You come to judge the world and render to each according to his works (cf. Rev. 22:12 ). 

Through your prayers, may I find mercy when my wretched soul is judged, for I am afraid to meet the fearsome Judge because my conscience reproaches me.

Elder Ephraim of Arizona

Counsels from the Holy Mountain
Chapter Three
On Sin, Repentance, Mourning, and Tears

Peace in both soul and body,

I pray, my child, that you have peace in both soul and body, for what is more beautiful than peace of soul and health of body! Both make man’s life pleasant; in their absence, however, a harsh tempest rises and the little boat of one’s soul is tossed about in the midst of raging waves. How many prayers are offered then! But the Lord, when He was on earth, met a similar storm: “and He rebuked the wind and the sea and there was a great calm.” (cf. Mk. 4:39 ). Let us call on this peacemaking Lord and Master whenever spiritual storms overcome us, my child, and I believe that when we call on Him with faith, He will hasten to our aid and say, “Behold, I am here”.

Elder Ephraim of Arizona

Counsels from the Holy Mountain
Chapter Two
On Afflictions, Pain, and Labors